AK Anita Khelawan 6th March,1990

Quotes (3)

'We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.'
Khalil Gibran
What is mine will always know my face
Anita Khelawan
Even when you try your hardest to be positive it doesn't matter once negative energy exist. Negative + Positive equates Negative
Anita Khelawan

Comments (2)

From what I've read so far. This poet is amazingly gifted. Being able to feed off raw emotion and capture that picture Perfectly the first time isn't an easy feat. But she does so with ease. Its been a pleasure meeting her here and hope you enjoy her work Just as I have. Very passionate writer!
It is pity that you have made yourself aloof from poetry. Undoubtly Anita is a passionate writer. I wish her to be back again and spare a little time for poetry. Poetry needs her.if