• A Bad Day

    A bad day comes
    With its ruthless stature,
    It tortures me
    Whole day,... more »

  • A Beautiful Flame

    A beautiful flame
    In the far away land,
    He tried to reach there many days,
    But in vain,... more »

  • A Beautiful Flower

    They say about the great beauty of the flower,
    The eminent sonneteer has never seen it,
    He has only heard it,
    Still the celestial loveliness of the flower... more »

  • A Beautiful River

    A beautiful river flows
    In my pleasant region for many years,
    It's my good friend indeed,
    I spend hour after hour with it... more »

  • A Beautiful Story

    I failed to do it,
    So I felt extremely sad and dejected,
    The world seemed a barren land to me,
    Suddenly I got a beautiful story book from my beloved friend,... more »

  • A Beggar Was Begging

    A beggar was begging
    From door to door
    And spontaneously singing beautiful songs,
    The great king noticed this,... more »

  • A Black Line

    Thou have seen me,
    I too have seen thee
    Day after day,
    Still we have to stay... more »

  • A Black Spot

    A black spot
    In the midst of
    A beautiful pot,
    The pot is afraid of it,... more »

  • A Blind Man

    At the end
    Of this street
    A blind man lives,
    Can you see him?... more »

  • A Bright Soldier

    Mother India is proud of her great son,
    Lance Naik Hanumanthappa kopad,
    Who died a heroic death like a true soldier,
    For six days he was caught in the Siachen Glacier,... more »

  • A Bright Thing

    In the beautiful season
    I was moving
    With an optimistic mind,
    After walking a long distance,... more »

  • A Child

    It's the busy time,
    Everyone is running,
    They have no time
    To see the surroundings,... more »

  • A Dark Shadow

    In the dark night,
    I lay on the cosy bed of my room,
    Someone knocked the door,
    I was extremely delighted,... more »

  • A Different Chapter

    Truth is truth,
    It is beautiful,
    It is holy and pure,
    But it is not relevant now,... more »

  • A Difficult Question

    They asked me
    An important question about life,
    It was very difficult,
    After a prolonged thought,... more »

  • A Dream

    That night I dreamt
    A beautiful world in my sweet dream,
    It was wonderful feeling for me,
    But the spell did not last long,... more »

  • A Fearful Dream

    That night I dreamt a fearful dream,
    It was throughout grim,
    I was alone in my room,
    Suddenly some horrible ghosts loomed,... more »

  • A Flock Of Birds

    I see a flock of beautiful birds
    Flying high in the sky,
    It gives me great joy and pleasure,
    My poetic bird too soars high in the air... more »

  • A Gentle Tap

    In the silent night
    I was writing
    With rapt attention,
    Suddenly I heard... more »

  • A Glass Of Water

    He is a thirsty traveller,
    He needs a glass of fresh and pure water
    To quench his thirst,
    For this he moves here and there,... more »

  • A Glorious Moment

    A moment,
    A glorious moment,
    I want to catch it
    Just for a while,... more »

  • A Glorious Poetry

    My beloved poet
    Wanted to write
    A glorious poetry
    In his long life,... more »

  • A Glorious Song

    A glorious song!
    He sings with great spirit and enthusiasm,
    They listen to him
    With rapt attention,... more »

  • A Good Samaritan

    Beside the busy road
    A dog was crying bitterly in pain,
    As it was cruelly hit in one of its legs by an unknown name,
    The people were carelessly passing by,... more »

  • A Great Beauty

    The girl was alone in the lonely platform
    And sleeping on a chair in its peaceful bosom,
    With her inexplicable beauty
    She resembled the heavenly maiden.... more »