• At The Blues

    Throbbing beat with pounding sounds,
    Vibrating, pulsating.
    Smokey shadows of figures, just silhouettes, dancing.
    Shafts of light pierce smoke-filled darkness,... more »

  • Awareness

    These strange confused contusions, are they a part of me?
    And if they are, then why are they?
    I have a mind that runs at tangents, tying itself in knots,
    It's always getting lost.... more »

  • Confused Again

    I'm feeling lost!
    Somewhere inside the depths of my ego...
    I know there is lurking the doppelganger of myself.
    But when I look, it hides.... more »

  • Confusion

    Don't move too fast, I mustn't.
    I might explode.
    I might cascade a thousand, million shooting stars into the daytime sky,
    Disturbing 'Nature', as she relaxes on the soft pillows of her afternoon clouds.... more »

  • Dreams

    Visions of eternity.
    Suspended as stars in the infinity of your conscious mind,
    Cascading as waterfalls into the effervescence of your imagination,... more »

  • Escape From Reality

    The star you see on high,
    And strive to pluck it from the sky,
    Is not so far away as it may seem.
    It's not a dream.... more »

  • From My Attic, Dreaming

    This is my room.
    Here in my attic haven I am queen.
    But also it is yours, for you are friends, and share my dreams.
    Come share with me this glass house deep within the sea,... more »

  • I Am A Thought

    I am a thought.
    A creation of your inmost soul.
    A child of your brain
    Your concepts were my mould.... more »

  • In Different Moods

    Indifferent moods, with ranged perspective,
    Rearranged and strange, deranged, deflective angles of light,
    With colours altered.
    Eyes can see, but mind has faltered.... more »

  • I'Ve Learnt How To Walk In The Sunshine

    I've learned how to walk in the sunshine,
    There's plenty for any who try.
    The curtains are open, it's daytime,
    There's not much to see in the night.... more »

  • Knock

    If I write as the thought crosses my brain,
    What shall I find upon the paper?
    What remains?
    Can the pen weave these quicksilver threads of my imagination,... more »

  • Mercury Is The Moment

    Will I be drawn by what I knew before?
    Life is a whirlpool, I am very small.
    Dreams are like clouds, evaporate too soon.
    They carry thoughts and aspirations,... more »

  • Oh Ts Can You Hear Me?

    Perhaps I too shall slip and slide
    With those remembered friends,
    When seeking for my personal rainbows end.
    As ‘J. Alfred combs his hair... more »

  • Sweet Baby Sugar-Lips

    Sweet baby 'Sugar Lips',
    His minuscule Lolita.
    Coaxing kisses,... more »

  • The Parrot

    In this dusky world of cardboard boxes,
    Between the smell of dog-biscuits and straw,
    I learn to repeat the lessons
    Constantly coaxed upon me by casual callers.... more »

  • The Seasons Of Thought

    Sometimes my mind can feel so strange,
    An endless teeming mountain range.
    A snow of thoughts, falling swift,
    Into chasms, into drifts.... more »

  • Thoughts

    Incandescent, spinning, spiralling in the midst of my alter-ego,
    Circumstances provoking reactions,
    Some to which my preference would be rejection,... more »

  • To Spring

    I didn't hear you leave.
    Your rustling skirts were hidden by the breeze.
    Soft winds that blew across the branches of my life,
    Scattered those leaves,... more »

  • When The Winds Of Heaven Dance

    When the winds of Heaven dance
    Can you recognize the rhythm
    Is it something that you're sure
    You've heard before?... more »

  • Where Are You Now?

    Where are you now,
    My gallant knight?
    With all your shining armour bright,
    Resplendent, on your steed of white.... more »

  • You Began With Me

    No matter how far you go from me in this life -
    You began with me.
    My breaths gave you your first taste of air,
    My heart pumped my blood into your veins... more »