• A Fox.

    Quite out of place within the bustle,

    trying hard to cross the road.... more »

  • A Hunters Coat.

    l choose a hunters coat today
    wear colours of the forest floor.
    I clean my gun and pack a bag
    with care I whet my butchers saw.... more »

  • A Jacaranda Tree.

    A Jacaranda tree stands tall, and sways as if to say,
    Look! At this magnificence, I’m wearing blue today.
    forgive the way I shout aloud, my lack of modesty,
    but nowhere in this troubled world is finery like me.... more »

  • A Kiss.

    A kiss, becomes a pact between two souls,
    penetrating barriers that shy doubt patrols.
    for surely not one earthly joy exists,
    to bring such utter comfort like a kiss.... more »

  • A Lady With Cake.

    I have been here before so I know the way
    It is down the corridor third on the right.
    The door is wide open, I pause to observe
    the harshness of time her face out of sight.... more »

  • A Letter To My Dad

    If I could write a letter to my Dad.
    I’d ask him, are you watching over me?
    Seeing through my eyes the life, I’ve had.
    Translating all the worldly sights, I see.... more »

  • A Mask.

    A mask is something we all wear

    to hide the frightened child inside.... more »

  • A Nightmare.

    Eyes close but do not block out sight,
    I cannot sleep but toss and turn.
    Not knowing where or why
    my insecurity will bite.... more »

  • A Young Poet

    The poetry student considers each word
    his teachers had chosen to pass his way
    The blending of styles, the touch of absurd.
    Make him smile at an image or blink tears away... more »

  • All The Gods

    I hope all the Gods are together and watching,
    nectar and nibbles arms-reach from each chair.
    The atmosphere cold, eyes glued to our plight,
    swamped by the volume of incoming prayer.... more »

  • Alone, With The Passing Of Time

    Tis the end, the demise of a love affair.
    She climbs into bed.....to seek consolation
    But nothing and no-one is there to care.
    Alone..... with the passing of time.... more »

  • Another, S Heart

    There are a multitude of mysteries inside another’s heart,
    the closest of true lovers would not know where to start.
    We are the masters of concealment creativity our shield,
    all the secrets deeply hidden, way in truly sealed.... more »

  • As I Used To Be.

    A sombre day made only for reflection,
    every second lasts the longest hour.
    My mind a trap for kindest moments
    is a garden full of every kind of flower.... more »

  • Being Loved

    How she missed the illusion of being loved.
    That joyful sensation of walking on air,
    while accepting the volatile nature of change
    hope became worn, too thin to share.... more »

  • Between Walls Of Pale Lilac.

    Between walls of pale lilac she lay,
    her body contracting as if to give birth.
    But instead of a child at the end of the day
    Her soul fought the ties that bind it to earth.... more »

  • Blueness

    His blueness took my breath away
    instilled an upsurge of well-being.
    neighbours paused, they had to watch
    The day a budgie came sightseeing.... more »

  • Change.

    Our world forever changes every second every day.
    Nothing halts the pass of time; old age will have its way.
    each mighty cliff or ancient tree will suffer the same fate
    life seems just an experiment, a transitory state.... more »

  • Come Close.

    Come close. I will show you my heart.
    do not fret if you feel me shiver.
    of all that is human the most fragile part.
    it will ripple and gush like a river.... more »

  • Dear Friend

    You had travelled so far, but I couldn’t wait,
    to share doubts, in my last conscious hour.
    Such grief is my gift to the man that I love
    I am certain to weep within every shower.... more »

  • Dear Toetoe (Nz Tall Feathery Grass)

    Dear Toetoe, can you hear me,

    roots in sand, beside the sea.... more »

  • Death.

    I cannot choose the season
    nor the moment I may die
    But with absolute contentment
    I will find my fathers home.... more »

  • Degree Of Fear

    To some degree found everywhere,
    affecting the most tender heart.
    fear of the unknown sent to scare,
    This instinct of which we are part.... more »

  • Every Soul

    Deep in the centre
    of every soul.
    Is a need to connect
    with the world as a whole.... more »

  • Far Away

    Away from piercing prying eyes
    of being good, of sounding wise.
    Loose grains of sand glide aimlessly
    as though to lightly bury me.... more »

  • Fast Asleep.

    When all the world is fast asleep
    and only sounds of breathing
    ride moonbeams in the air.... more »