I was born in a hospital called waterloo hospital in sierra leone on October 23rd 1989. At the age of 3 i was then separated from my mum and had to go and live with my mum's sister in lunga. life was tough back then for a 3 years old girl growing up. My childhood was not the best childhood but i learnt a lot during all those years. When i was 6 i was then moved from my mum sisters house in lunga to come and live with my dad's sister in Fourah Bah college in freetown. i started going to school when i was 6 and during that age i hardly knew anything. first i had to learn how to spell my name and from there i learnt my a b c. i tried my best till i finally got the hand of it all. In 1995 i attended a school in sierra leone called Tower Hill, Kindergartin primary school which was a private school. My aunty use to teach there long time ago so because of that i was then accepted to attend tht school. once in a while my mum will come to freetown to pay me a visit and when ever i saw her i dint want to let her go. i was my mum little baby. my mum had six children i was was the third child and the first girl. So for me to be separated from her it was hard. In 1997 the war in Sierra Leone took place so sooner or later we knew we had to leave Sierra Leone to go to a next country. Couple of months later when the war was still going on we then lived Sierra Leone and decided to go to the Gambia and spend 10 months there until everything was back to normal. We lived in Gambia for 10 months and i atteded a school whiles i was in the Gambia call Latricunda Knerinianga primary school. Couple of months later me and my family then decided we wanted to go back home. So On October 7th 1997 we then went back home and started all over again. We lost lots of people during that war and there were lots of inguries and damage which took place. The next year after the war finished i hard a bad news that my mum was dead and my brother was missing during the war. 'know with that on my mind how was i meant to live.' Times passed by slowly and there was no sign of her and no words from anyone telling me that she is somewhere and she will come back. I Was a 7 years old child just turned 8 and with all of this playing in my head, now that was hard. Days upon weeks upon years passed on and still no word until one day my mum's brother called us and said your brother has been found and your mum travel to another country and she is back and now you have got another baby sister. That was the happiest moment of my life. In 1997- 2000 I attened a school called Fourah Bay college school and from then on my life started getting much better. In september 8th i was then told by my father that i will be coming to England. I was so happy when i hard that from him. I knew my dad but i never grew up with him and i hardly saw him. What so ever happened between him and my mum i don't know but all that i know is that it was not good. Annyways i then went to the English embasy from my interview and couple of months later i got my visa so i knew that i wll be definately coming to England. The last time i saw my grandma was couple of months before i left Sierra Leone. i saw my mum and my brothers and sisters the same day which i left but that fellings of separation between me and my mum again was going to be 10x difficult. i left sierra Leone when i was 12 years old and for me to see myself walking away from my mum the second time was difficult. And with this memory in my mind that is why i am trying to better myself so that i can make her proud and to make my grandma happy. life is hard remember.


Ann Marie Davies Poems

Tears Of Joy

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With sparkly tears running down my eye's
With sorrows of joy which i cant beer,
Every time i look at myself and say oh dear.... more »

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God fearing woman
Looked way up in the sky and say 'true man'
What more love do i have to share
How many hearts do i have to tear.... more »

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You then turned around just to view.
I smiled at you, and you smiled back
And i thought is this my luck.... more »

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