• Don'T Let Go

    You saw me looking at you din't you?
    You then turned around just to view.
    I smiled at you, and you smiled back
    And i thought is this my luck.... more »

  • Fear Of God

    God fearing woman
    Looked way up in the sky and say 'true man'
    What more love do i have to share
    How many hearts do i have to tear.... more »

  • Tears Of Joy

    Everyday i look up at the sky,
    With sparkly tears running down my eye's
    With sorrows of joy which i cant beer,
    Every time i look at myself and say oh dear.... more »

  • Word's I Can'T Express

    Who shall i fear?
    What man will man me care?
    What trust will i cheer?
    My pain is aching,... more »