• I'M Not Perfect

    I try hard in school
    “You gotta try harder.”
    I try hard at work
    “You need to work on this, this, and this to be better.”... more »

  • Jealous

    Jealousy sets in
    Silent... more »

  • Life

    Or something like it
    Love comes and goes
    Friends come and go
    Life comes and goes... more »

  • Lost

    On the verge of depression
    Crying all the time
    No energy left
    Zombie-like state of mind... more »

  • Me

    Not sure about myself
    “Ugly duckling”... more »

  • My Dad

    I sat at home I got that call
    The call no one wants to get
    I came to you lying so still
    I kissed your face and held you close... more »

  • Never Coming Back

    “Do this or you’re grounded.”
    The most heard phrase in my house
    No matter what I do
    Good or bad... more »

  • Not A Fairytale

    You think my life's a fairy tale
    As happy as can be
    Knight in shining armor
    Saves the damsel in distress... more »

  • Not Yours

    You told me that the necklace means it all
    That you can’t say the words but the feeling will always be there
    What about now?
    When a tragedy like this happens... more »

  • Please Stop

    Please stop, look at what you are doing
    You must know this isn’t right
    Please stop don’t carry on
    I’m too weak now to fight... more »

  • Stuck

    Every step I take
    The earth crumbles beneath my feet
    Water turns to sand
    Light turns to dark... more »

  • Tears

    I sat here
    With tears in my eyes
    I walked around this world as a ghost
    With tears in my eyes... more »

  • That Morning

    Screeching halt
    Sounds of crushing metal... more »

  • The End

    I look out my window
    To a world of emptiness
    The memories of us
    Blowing away in the wind... more »

  • Unplanned Love

    I never planned on loving you
    Of course, I never planned you at all
    I never expected you to trip me
    And I didn’t expect to accept the fall... more »

  • What Did I Do Wrong?

    What’s going on with the world today?
    Trust betrayed
    Hearts broken and bruised
    Lie on top of lie... more »

  • Wounds

    Saying I’m not worth it
    Is just salt to the wound
    Wounds that run deeper than you know
    Scars sliced open... more »

  • Wrong People

    Let people in and see what’s inside
    You never know until you see
    Confusion, pain, sorrow... more »

  • You Screwed Up

    Tell me one thing
    That isn't a lie
    Asking too much?
    I opened my heart... more »