• Aching Heart

    I’ve got this aching feeling,
    Right here, in my heart.
    My eyes are welling up,
    Coz I can’t bear to be apart,... more »

  • Appreciation

    There, right from the start
    From your first breath
    Your first cry
    Your first smile... more »

  • Ode To? ? ?

    I spent our life complaining,
    But now it won’t stop raining.
    My life is blue
    Coz I don’t see you.... more »

  • Results

    Letters on a piece of paper.
    Lines drawn in a familiar pattern.
    Ink that dried just hours ago.
    Sealing your fate,... more »

  • Slipping Away

    As each day passes,
    Bringing with it a new.
    The memories are fading,
    What am I to do?... more »