• A Death In Rom

    I feel the pain,
    Deep in my back,
    I hear a bone,
    I feel it crack.... more »

  • A Graveyard Good Bye

    A cold wind blows,
    In the dark, dark night,
    It gives me a chill,
    But that is alright.... more »

  • A Love So Wrong (Part 2)

    He loves her so much,
    This angel from god,
    Nothing on earth,
    Could change that fact.... more »

  • A Love So Wrong.

    A kiss in the night,
    Under the moon and stars,
    Two persons in love,
    One light one dark,... more »

  • A Siren Song

    A song in the night,
    So beautiful and fine,
    A woman of water,
    I wish she was mine,... more »

  • A Werewolf Howl

    A howl in the night,
    Cuts the silence in two,
    A howl in the night,
    Makes you ask ‘who? ’... more »

  • Cancer

    It took her,
    It took her away,
    I can look at the place,
    Where she lay.... more »

  • Goodbye From A Vampire

    My love, my love,
    This is goodbye,
    Don’t you dare crying,
    Don’t ask me why.... more »

  • I Am The One.

    I am the one, who crawls over your bed.
    I am the one, who sneaks under your skirt.
    I am the one, who makes you scream in horror.
    I am the one, you always fear to meet.... more »

  • If It Was

    If love was a flower,
    It would be a rose.
    Beautiful and real,... more »

  • Love, Sweet Sweet Love.

    The love is sweet,
    Dancing heart you have,
    Lazy brain you have,
    A special feeling you have.... more »

  • Monster Under My Bed.

    Please don’t leave me,
    Here in the dark,
    The monster that hides,
    Has teeth like a shark.... more »

  • My Fear

    Do you want to know,
    What I fear the most?
    It isn’t a vampire,
    Nor a ghost.... more »

  • Scream Now

    Scream out now,
    My little friend,
    Scream out now,
    Do not pretend.... more »

  • The Headless Ghost

    Can you see it?
    The white over there!
    Did you see its head,
    Under its arm where?... more »

  • The Last Vampire Kiss

    The vampire kiss so sweet,
    The little mortal sleeps in,
    The light leaves his eyes,
    And my hunger is over for now.... more »

  • Time Stopped

    Tears roll dead down my chin.
    Cold wind blows and rain hits my skin.
    Now nothing is breathing.
    Even my heart has stopped beating.... more »

  • Turtle

    Slowly, slowly, slowly,
    The heavy shell makes me slow,
    And keeps my body lowly,
    But it can take the worst blow.... more »

  • Under The Surface

    It seems so calm,
    So calm and pleasant
    On the surface.... more »

  • Unicorns

    In a forest clearing,
    With flowers and sun,
    Stands a unicorn,
    Ready to run.... more »

  • Vampire Night

    The hunger is roaring,
    Deep in my stomach,
    It is calling for the drink,
    That mortals calls blood.... more »

  • Violet

    If I could choose,
    I would be a violet.... more »