Annalee Hopkins Somerville Quotes

Keep it together... Sometimes is a harder task then a thought. ~ Wind Songs~
Betrayal, lies, regret
In order to heal, Wind reminds us that we must learn to come to some forgiveness and understanding within ourselves. ~~~~ Wind Songs Spiritual Poetry
Healing from trauma. Healing from betrayal.
If given a choice for honesty or lying to spare hurt feelings... I'd rather you tell me straight up and hurt my feelings. I can get over hurt feelings but won't get over lies and dishonestly.
Being lied to by someone you trust and love is devastating. Spare the feelings and just be honest.
Some people have emotions... Whereas, my emotions have people.
Dissociative Identity Disorder C-PTSD Mental Health
'Racism only lives in the minds of those that create it! ! '
Anti-Racism, Diversity & Love.
I've decided to change me... Not from who I was, is and who I've become. Change something much more valuable then a thought or a care. Something that is calling to me from deep within.
Changing, Life, New Beginnings, Different Path & Journey.
Islamophobia: Created by the government and spreading like a disease from media deception!
Bad Politics. Incompetent Government. Media Deception.
Fall is here - Beauty has awoken!
Autumn, falling leaves, changing colours, a new chapter of life.
Just because you survived unscathed; doesn't mean you're stronger than the survivor who is cracked.
Surviving Abuse
I can could make a post about how I feel, how many tears I've cried and how many scars are on my heart but why bother, when it doesn't change anything. You're still a narcissist and I'm still crazy.