• An Angel With The Darkest Eyes

    From the first time I saw you
    With your dark, soulful eyes
    A need rose inside me
    That I could not disguise... more »

  • Beauty

    Do you think that when we say,
    God, why did you make me this way?
    He looks at all us with all our doubt
    And says, "What are you talking about? "... more »

  • Ella

    Her eyes shine like she has a secret
    That only she's aware
    Beautiful and dangerous
    She'll take any dare... more »

  • Guardian Angel

    You don't understand
    You say it's not my fight
    You say that I'm not going through this
    On this cold and lonely night... more »

  • The Plane Ride

    Trembling, shaking fingers, as the engines started up
    Little circles on her back, in a soothing rub
    A lurch in her heart as they inched bit by bit
    Eyes open wide, unwilling to submit.... more »