• Ε Λ Λ Η Ν Ι Κ Ο , Greek Poem

    mia xwra skoteinh
    mia xwra alazonikh kai perifronitkh
    poion pas na xegelaseis
    poion pas na koroideyeis... more »

  • Dark

    when the dark comes down
    With lisping laugh and whimper to the red waves
    The boats are sailing homeward now across
    a shout from grounds so far... more »

  • Forever Young

    Let us stay young and live forever
    We don't have the power but we never say never..
    We live life like a video,... more »

  • Give Peace A Chance

    give peace a chance
    lets make love
    clothe me in white
    the colour of peace... more »

  • I Wanna Alive

    i need an alarm system in my house so
    i know when people are creeping abt
    these people are freakin me out
    these days its getting hectiC... more »

  • Iris

    and i'd give up forever to touch u
    cz i know u feel me somehow
    u're the closest to heaven tat i'' ever be
    and i dont want to go home right now... more »

  • Sad Time Passed

    Time passed
    Things changed
    You moved on
    I went my own way... more »

  • Take Me Away

    take me away
    to the place of darkness
    where the flowers are black
    demons are angels with black wings... more »

  • Time

    This world used to be colourful and bright
    Now in this cold dark world there is no light... more »

  • Walk Alone

    As I walk into the darkness
    and the shadows call my name
    Rain pours down upon me
    They whisper in my ear, my fears... more »

  • Words

    WORDS.they'll try to shake u
    dont let them break u
    or stop ur world from turning
    when words keep u from feeling good... more »