• Decay

    Eyes closed, face wan, not sleeping, yet not awake
    Trapped cruelly in her dying cocoon
    Gasping pitifully for consciousness, life.
    I know she senses me, smells me, longs to speak.... more »

  • Half Light

    Can’t see, can’t read, can’t work
    Its half-light!

    Who would choose to live in a half-lit world... more »

  • Hear My Cry

    I am safe here in my cosy, cocooned world
    Warm, frozen, suspended in the moment of you.
    I lift up my hand and stroke your hair. I cry
    You wipe away my tears. Together we smile... more »

  • I Dream Dreams......

    I dream dreams of a garden
    Perfect in all its detail:
    Winding paths
    Wisteria tunnels, a living gazebo... more »

  • Indian Summer

    I walk not in melancholy mood
    I am content.
    Silently at my side
    You walk contentedly.... more »

  • Last Day Of The Summer Term

    The last day of the summer term!
    At last!
    Yet paradoxically this da seems longer
    Than the rest of the whole school year put together!... more »

  • Seashells

    So many sea shells!
    Strange to think the worlds they knew
    No longer exit.
    Yet in existing for us... more »

  • Silence

    Sweet feelings for you I could not convey.
    You came into my life briefly.
    Hardly time to test the attraction which in you
    I sensed... more »

  • Suspended

    I wonder why he is so very quiet
    He hardly speaks at all. He sits and stares
    And looks as if he isn’t there at all.
    How do you reach a boy like that... more »