• (((((Laced Curtain!))))))

    All these sacrifices
    He makes for me
    Is purnishing me
    Why won't he tell me?... more »

  • ((((Making Special Friends)))))

    Tell me more
    i hear you say
    you've fallen in love
    with me... more »

  • *underground Love*

    I tell you it'll work
    abot this we're to keep them in the dark
    what we feel forever
    each other... more »

  • Africa

    Oh beautiful continent
    sleeping giant
    with your own unique
    sense of timing... more »

  • Another Season Without Me

    We had it all,
    We had each other,
    I had you,
    Like nothing ever,... more »

  • Bad Girl

    Why does he call me that?
    Bad girl!
    yet the strength of my voice
    lifts to high levels, power... more »

  • Blue

    The sky is blue,
    My eyes are oh blue,
    I feel so oh blue,
    I'm lying in a pool of oh so blue paint,... more »

  • Day, Night Or Storm!

    the skies are rolling away
    for the darkness to crawl over me

    my world is falling apart... more »

  • Do Something

    he has never seen
    yet it can't be prevented
    sounds all bypass her
    doesn't know what that is... more »

  • Fight Of War

    i thought it was
    some mind blowing
    fists and blowws
    throwing kicks and shoves... more »

  • Glitter

    people are confused
    by all the glitter and gold
    waywardness will set in
    or has it?... more »

  • Hmmmmmm

    The years say much
    Each day more beautiful you become, greener,
    you gone a sec is eternity to bear... more »

  • I Live In Someone Else

    i wish i could see myself
    i wish i could find myself
    i live in someone else
    when she succeeds... more »

  • I Say Things

    holds my chin up
    lips of mine move they
    pulling words out of my mouth
    screams of mine here they... more »

  • I Wish I Had Glasses

    I wish i had glasses
    To visualize the big picture
    Then i'd have seen it clearly coming
    I'd have noticed the changes... more »

  • I'M Tired! ! !

    I'm tired man
    of your games
    and the stunts you pull
    my dedicating my all... more »

  • In Life

    You got to be aggressive in life
    To get what you want in life
    You got to be assertive in life
    To make your wishes known in life... more »

  • Let It

    let it roll
    let it pour
    fold into one
    take my breathe away... more »

  • Missing You Too

    Time never passes here,
    It's still the same memory,
    I see of you,
    The first time,... more »

  • My Empty Life 2

    Life is the main cause of death,
    They say that,
    True may be,
    But i think it's fiction,... more »

  • My Poem

    i can only utter
    for my heart to pour
    and for my soul
    i write will heal... more »

  • On My Mind

    when I close my eyes
    you appear in my dreams..

    and i can't get you... more »

  • Scents And Dreams

    The scent of you
    Is all i'm left with
    Still reminds me of you
    If i could write an ode to you... more »

  • Still Waiting

    The day i saw your writing,
    The letter you sent to me,
    The words you wrote,
    That carried me through the battle!... more »

  • This Is The Secret

    Quite simple really
    Rarely acknowledged
    just keep talking
    whatever the matter... more »