• Begin Again

    I died to live
    So did you?
    Then join me
    In this fight against the odds... more »

  • Blank Page

    A blank page
    White with new age
    Asked for by
    A soul that couldn’t take... more »

  • Blown Away

    The wind blows
    And your soul is comforted
    By the rush, the roar
    Of all the wind... more »

  • Broken House

    Our house is full of pain
    And yet you wish to gain
    Some happiness
    That you still believe... more »

  • Carry Her

    To face her sunlight hours
    She will need
    More than her own strength can give
    So carry her... more »

  • Change

    The leaves
    They begin to change
    Just as you did
    From laughter as it used to be... more »

  • Child Of The Night

    The darkness was her drapery
    The shadows were her friends
    The moon, a splendid playmate
    That cast silver for her tread.... more »

  • Cold Heart

    Cold and dark
    A Lonely place,
    That is what it feels like in the bottom of my heart
    Where only time can heal the burn... more »

  • Crystal Rainbows

    Let them flow... more »

  • Did I Ever Tell You?

    Do you love me?
    Because I love you.
    Have I ever told you so?
    I see that I have not... more »

  • Did You Know?

    Would you guess
    A simple hug
    A caring word
    To show you still believe in her... more »

  • Final Drop

    One final dropp
    Of loves sweet cup
    Was all that you were allowed to take
    The giver of the feast... more »

  • Forgotten Pain

    Why do they always assume
    The pain that grew
    Has suddenly dimmed
    And you are somehow whole again?... more »

  • Hear

    Take time to hear
    What others say
    It might just be important... more »

  • Heaven's Touch

    Close your eyes
    Feel the touch
    Of heaven coming down
    Today... more »

  • I Feel

    One more day
    That is all you’ll say
    You cry and scream at the light
    I think I’ve finally seen... more »

  • I See You

    I am watching you
    I see you begin to fade
    Your once bright light
    Is growing dim... more »

  • Listen

    She screams
    She sighs
    She lies
    About herself... more »

  • My Heart Is Like A Rose

    My heart is like a rose
    It is given and taken
    Its passions never shown
    Though asked and abated.... more »

  • One Minute

    Did you love me?
    I wonder if you did
    I long for just one more day
    To talk about all the thoughts... more »

  • Paige Girl

    Shy and rather lonely
    Beautiful and kind
    Let me introduce you
    To a close friend of mine... more »

  • Pleasing Them

    How can I “get over it”
    For that is all they want me to do
    As if on a cue
    I will suddenly glue... more »

  • Poems

    Poems you write
    By candlelight
    Trying to make sense in your head
    As to what you have grown to dread... more »

  • Rain

    Rain surrounds you
    It kisses your cheeks
    And you imagine
    The rain... more »

  • Silent Sympathy

    Do not speak
    Just listen
    And maybe... more »