• All The Way

    2 years and a month I know
    I’ve been hearing you asking me
    “How long do I have to wait? ”
    “And how long do I have to keep on suffering? ”... more »

  • Behind Brown Eyes

    You tried to explain, but I walk away
    I look at you but you look away
    I know I always seem to know
    What to do, what to say... more »

  • Break Out

    The goody two shoes
    The one that doesn’t break the rules
    The one who will always stay and hide
    It’s time to make a change tonight... more »

  • Broken Fairy Tales

    Heres a little story that I made up
    So let's play make believe
    In my castle on the cliff
    I look out to sea... more »

  • Butterfly Kisses

    There’s one thing I know,
    That I hold close to me
    My dreams are drifting
    Off and onto the sea... more »

  • Drawn To The Fire

    Verse One:
    Our love was burning, unkind
    Our stars were unaligned
    But yet the flames of passion lit a fire in our flesh... more »

  • Eden


    In the beginning it seemed so simple,
    When all I had to do was love you so.... more »

  • Friends No More

    From good friends to best friends,
    Everything seems to go so quickly.
    I thought I seemed to know you well,
    But you were hidden from me.... more »

  • This Is My Ego

    You know who I am
    You know my story,
    But you don’t know why I’m standing here
    Tonight,... more »

  • Written In Stone

    I promise to brighten up your day
    And hold your heart close to mine
    I promise to make you smile
    Whenever you’re feeling down.... more »

  • You Could Have Been

    I hold onto the dreams
    I hold onto the sake of my sanity
    I hold onto the fact I can't break away
    I turn and see, my heart fading away... more »