Honesty. It is the absolute embodiment of my poems. I do not write what I do not feel. So, I do not look for inspiration. It either falls into my lap, or it isn't there. Everything I write, is in completely honest form. Well, then, my poems become me.


Annie Cordelia Adams Poems

A Little Picture

A little picture, browned,
Had a tear on its edge
Where moth and rust
Plagued it away... more »

() |() |() Beternity At Sea/B

That if I would,
I would stand immortally at sea
Gazing for eternity at sea... more »

() |() |() Seulement Dans Mes Rêves (Nameless Love)

Nameless Love
veracious truth
unyielding strength
you are a great deal too good for me... more »

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Comments about Annie Cordelia Adams

Gajanan Mishra 17 Oct 2015 10:14
really you are a good one in thoughts and works, I like it, please read my poems and comment if you so like..
Existential Despair 13 Jul 2008 06:45
After reading two of your poems (desperation & i meant to say ten different things) it seems you are a genius in your own unique way with your intelligent poems