• J/≫? %_Number9 | Endless Procurement

    a psalm set in the green of a field.
    rolling sounds of vibrant colour.
    a walking tidal of bloody waves rushing
    in and out... more »

  • Learn

    i learned what it was
    one day i was driving down smokey road
    and if anyone had just told... more »

  • Leo, Leo

    if you asked me am i happy now with who i am
    i wouldnt say a word ... more »

  • Life Without End Is Only Good With You

    and God said let there be light...
    i love you all day and night
    i can't begin
    to know life without you... more »

  • Light Start Last Night Only Thing

    I dreamt of you light start
    last night
    only thing
    that i remember is saying your name... more »

  • Meatloaf Surprise

    Dont say you love me anymore
    I caught you sleeping with a whore

    I hate you you don't know why... more »

  • Most Of My Inspirations

    The strange thing is that
    most of my inspiration derives
    from simple imitations
    of the real world... more »

  • Ocean In My Veins

    don't stop now
    i don't want to let this smile go
    just like the hand i wanna hold... more »

  • One, Two, Three, I Love You

    how many ways can i say i love you?
    if i count all night i wouldn't be through

    one... more »

  • Our Love Is Purer

    I'll love you
    if the sun breaks down
    and we live in dark
    in this empty town... more »

  • Paint A Picture Of The Sea

    everything is much more beautiful
    when you paint a picture of the sea
    not the sand or the sky
    though there is fire burning bright... more »

  • Picture In My Locket

    wake up smile and feeling i'm held back by your arms
    i know you're thinking of me when i dream of you in songs
    you tell me that you love me in so many pretty words
    but i know i'm just haunted by the way you kissed me first... more »

  • Rainbow (Wherever You Are)

    somewhere over the rainbow
    somewhere i'm missing out i know
    if i could go anywhere, it'd be where you are
    somewhere out there... more »

  • Revolution And Rebellion

    To whom this poem is written
    I do not know, but I shall show
    And you perhaps will take this well
    What I know to come and hides in veil... more »

  • Right Under The Stars

    right there under the patched roof
    i opened up my eyes
    see you standing in the backlight
    that's how it always happens... more »

  • Sea-Less Drought

    not the dream I once for took
    the sea has become mere memory
    it was once loved, once seen
    now lost and near unraveling... more »

  • She Stands Against A Mossy Tree

    She stands against a
    mossy tree;
    it is green and raw
    the moss climbs each length... more »

  • Sleeping Giants Do Roar Greatly Defiant

    'T is I who write in the bleak of night
    When Shadow lurks and Barrows fright
    But have I yet to write my heart,
    To venture where I would to never depart?... more »

  • Smile, Remember It All The While

    When the flood sweeps joy away
    and menace casts its rod to catch
    An Island desert marauder you feel,
    or feel nothing at all under all that steel... more »

  • Sunset Horizon

    Sunset Horizon
    You torment me with your bitter leave
    and night arises like a ravening wolf-
    the lightening thief... more »

  • Thank You For The Blood

    not many people remember
    that night late in december
    i lift my head; look up at the sky
    and see a million stars lighting up like fireflies... more »

  • That's A Fairy Tale

    isn't it time for me to love?
    i'm waiting for a sign or something
    that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard
    i'm so alone i don't even have someone to wait with me... more »

  • The Day I Died Part 1

    the day i died, i was eighteen
    and that day i wrote a song but it is now lost
    i was in the car on the hill waiting for the chill
    of winter and frosty windows.... more »

  • The Day I Died Part 2

    from the top of that hill, i saw my life,
    and i knew i could not go back to the way it was,
    and nothing would ever be the same,
    even in someone elses life.... more »

  • The Day I Died Part 3

    friends are another story.
    i've never had a real friend until now,
    but it's too late, because i'm dead.
    how will he ever know my soul?... more »