• All Ive Ever Wanted

    the pain i feel
    is to much to bare
    the love i have for you
    i wish you could feel too... more »

  • Anger

    The anger you hold
    The feelings you fear
    It cant unfold
    Or the end would be near... more »

  • Breakiing Apart My Heart

    you call me
    you say you'll miss me
    but you love him
    breaking apart my heart... more »

  • Broken

    broken shattered
    sliced and diced
    been betrayed
    more then twice... more »

  • Ending My Life

    I sit right here
    with nothing to fear
    noone to hold
    my heart broken and cold... more »

  • Here I Am

    Here i am
    life at last
    thought it would be better
    then what happend in the past... more »

  • Hidden In A Shell

    hidden in a shell
    down in the sea
    lies a beautiful girl
    waiting for you to set her free... more »

  • I Call It Love

    Some people call it obsession
    I call it love

    Some people call it a confession... more »

  • I Feel...

    I feel so broken
    i feel so alone
    i feel so empty
    when your not home... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you with all my heart
    you make me, me
    i loved you right from the start
    im always going to love thee... more »

  • I Miss

    I miss your beautiful smile
    i miss the sound of your voice
    i miss your warm caring touch
    and the hugs that meant so much... more »

  • I Want To Be...

    I want to be your shell
    that you can put your heart in
    to keep it safe
    with hope and faith... more »

  • Ill Break Down

    If you say you love him
    and want to be with him
    and not me
    ill break down... more »

  • Im So Sorry

    Im sorry that i love you
    Im sorry that i care
    Im sorry that im here for you
    Im sorry that you dont feel the same... more »

  • In This Book

    In this book
    lies the truth
    the poems which i have wrote
    for the one who has my love on a high note... more »

  • In This Grave

    In this grave
    in this sweet coffin
    feeling so pale
    and alone... more »

  • Is It Real

    some people say love doesnt exist
    some people say its not true
    some people say its just fantasy
    but if its not real, what is this that i feel for you... more »

  • Its All Because Of You...

    The tears run down,
    its all because of you!

    My arm bleeds,... more »

  • Its My Birthday

    its my birthday
    but they dont care
    they just sit there
    smile and stare... more »

  • Leaving

    You see her laying there
    frozen, still
    shivers down your spine
    the end of lifes thrill... more »

  • Life Or Death? Love Or Hate?

    You try
    You cry
    You bleed
    You scream... more »

  • Love Eternally True

    to see your face
    smile at me
    my hearts in a race
    a yes will make me free... more »

  • My Endeavor

    to be in love with you forever
    my endeavor
    to be with you
    forever and true... more »

  • Rescue Me!

    This heart beats
    every day
    it fades
    with every beat... more »

  • Seed So High

    There was this seed
    Who didnt know how to grow
    Didnt know how to feed
    It just wanted you to know... more »