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is this the hacker group called anonymous
That was supposedto poetess. Sorry. Couldn'tfind a way to edit once posted.
This poem is not anonymously written. Will Allen Drumgoole is the hostess. She was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee before the Civil War to the town's mayor and his wife. She was a prolific writer. The poem is about her father and a footbridge he built.
I can't dance. I hear the rhythm, I tap my feet. I feel the music but I am still. I am nothing. I laugh, I write, I feel nothing. I am counterfeit. I have not known suffering or loss. I have never had less than everything. I am happy. I am empty.
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Nice poem
The need to speak, but your lips lock. You can't breathe. Suffocating in your dark dreams, both night and day. How to speak again? How to open the lock when the key sunk to the bottom of your ocean of tears. In this hurt you stand lonely and ashamed. Ashamed for that what the monster did, while the beast is running free.
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