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brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is it snow freezing that is needed? 'A Bug's Snow'
'A Bug Drought' Thirsty hungry feed me says the bee
Not brave enough to withstand the flames of fury... Hoping nobody chokes on my diction or misspellings.... I meant to make a gourmet meal for the eater of words not an ulcer of fire..(I do not know the gallery names!) Feast instead upon, 'Bug Dessert', a story she once shared with us, at a camp fire.
I am an abstract artist who recently sold a few peices to The Azul Gallery AKA The Uknown Colour of.... May they hang in harmony for a season of life. Eat your words for the gallery goddess has spoken!
About this Poet Anthony have the story all wrong…she went a little crazy because of a Sergeant that she once dated and his 'buddies' torment that continued for more than 2 years. I’ve read her details on it recently and it’s more than I could imagine facing. It deeply infected her life and bled onto much of her psyche. In turn she lived in constant fear and felt surrounded, secluded, caged and alone which stemmed from all arena’s of abuse specifically from dealings with that Sgt. In short, she fell in love at a heightened time during this. Essentially she contributes her overcoming this trauma to having met this Anthony Arias guy (and I’m not even certain that this is the guy’s name) . Her friend told me that any writing of him she does she ‘eats’. Theirs was not a relationship that was normal or just. So extraordinary measures apply for her coping with the loss of this light from her life. Apparently when she wants to do ‘real’ writing it’s accomplished while wearing some shirt, which has something to do with NYC and animals. All I know is she moved far away from the happenings of that Sgt. and spends her time building.
I know this writer you're speaking of & she 'told' me that the whole series of shorts that she's completed are fiction. The studio is in the back of her Gallery and it's not where she'll be living, it's where she will work out of on the weekends when she's in town. The heard the Gallery is suppose to be named The Colors of or in Azuel (?) It's still not complete on a count of her waiting for pending legalities surrounding it... She's been storing the Art for too long now... That Bronx Zoo's got some sacred story..and she told me she wrote about it, read it out loud, made 3 copies buried one, ate another and the last one; 'lines' the shirt (whatever that means) And i know it's fiction because the characters name; is Antony not Anthony... Arias was made up too...if you knew her, than you'd understand..she's all about music. She understands it better than anyone I've ever met.