• Become My Thirst

    This longing
    is as fine as porcelain
    irridescent in the morning light.... more »

  • Byzantium

    And now I open wide poised and yawning stretch apart
    To become the awning
    Before you stands the entrance
    To slip through and enter... more »

  • Colouring Existence

    Sitting here, feeling the rain slide down my hair
    Lunch apples lumped in my hand
    Two pints of milk clinging to my clawed fingers
    Now sheltering in the office fridge until coffee time... more »

  • Eiger Landscape

    There is no flat here
    no stillness
    curves constant
    lines gouged, lets say snow lines... more »

  • Every Day

    I know you are there
    every day
    reading these lines
    and I love you for that... more »

  • For Neil...

    Comforting snow sifts as flour at your tolling
    soft feather down on iron clamped shut
    sunlight touches the crystals
    language drips from the icicles of your friends... more »

  • Forest

    Shrouded in this green carapace
    Of parchment leaves
    Drenched with the soaking of summer rains
    Countless rivulets soaking into the crevices of the earth... more »

  • Fragments

    Tonight I shall turn into a seashell
    Curving into its infinities
    Silken smooth
    Shining... more »

  • Gouged Out

    Now I am gouged out.
    Silt slopped to the side
    A ruin, safe only for owls.
    Saplings reaching out from the harsh cracks... more »

  • Hummingbird

    sweet emerald jewel
    hover next to my love's ear
    and slide your probiscus down to her recesses
    not to take her honey... more »

  • Irish Night In Sicily

    Roll me over in the warmth of your tongue
    weaving lives together in shimmering light
    Grounded in hard rock
    Visioning to infinity... more »

  • Leaping Salmon

    I will not dream another's sweet musings
    when the truth is only partly known
    the fruit is so sweet but of another knowledge... more »

  • Let Them Be In Awe

    Strap my back my arms and bind me
    block my ears and blind me
    but you will not touch the space inside
    with your fearful hands... more »

  • Lines On The Hand

    The lines on
    The hollow in my palm
    Tell a story
    of you... more »

  • Listen To The Stones

    Still. In their beds
    listen to their snoring masses pressing down... more »

  • Morning Light

    I woke this morning
    and sensed the golden rose of dawn tracing through the air
    mist threaded between the trees
    a silent awakening felt around... more »

  • Morning Reverie With Four Swans

    to look out and see
    the rose light finger the horizon
    and prise liquid shadows from the land,
    turquoise sea taste the contours of your form... more »

  • My Hand On Your Bare Thigh

    My hand on your bare thigh
    against the hard stone wall
    hot sand slides under the sole of your feet... more »

  • On The Tip Of Your Tongue

    The tip
    of your tongue
    is hidden sweetness
    in dark places... more »

  • Otter's Cry

    Cocooned in inky blackness
    frost biting the brittle shell of the boat

    my mind fingers its way through the sleeping stillness... more »

  • Ronchamp

    Feel you in the clearing, this presence
    in the butterfly climbing up your white flanks
    and the silent bells
    This is no building... more »

  • Siren's Song

    You called me again last night, thick still pool on the moor
    you called me by the mournful pipes and sickly yellow light drawn by your bow

    By your neck thrown back, the rowan thrust back in the autumn wind... more »

  • The Cyprus Stone And The Security Guard

    The alarm sounds
    The guard calls me over
    Arms up, fingers probe me
    His maleness disturbs me... more »

  • The Growing

    I cried yesterday
    tears of joy
    as I felt you inside me
    curled as a secret leaf bud... more »

  • The Sentinels

    They are here
    Sentinels... more »