• 50/50

    There was once a time where we would share laughs and drinks together, now another night goes by with me left to drink alone wondering what your excuse is for not answering your phone.

    I often think when all of this will come to an end with no more of these bold faced lies you let roll off your tongue so easily while you continuously sin.... more »

  • A Blind Eye

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  • A Champion

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  • A Crying Shame

    A poor sight to see as I look out at what appears to be a younger generation lost in a sea full of corruption and lies.

    Why are there so many young minds being corrupted by another who wishes to see our downfall instead of our evolutionary uprising.... more »

  • Above The Mountains Through The Darkness

    Allow me to tell you a little story, in the not too distant future there is a peaceful place for all of us to be, such a lovely mixture of all kinds of race.

    In this place there is no hate just love amongst those who reside here. They cherish everyone regardless of their differences in sexuality, skin tone, heritage or voice they respect each other as they all sing along and cheer.... more »

  • All Is Forgiven

    There is a permanent damage done to my trust after the realization of your betrayal.

    Damage that scarred so deeply that although it cannot be seen it is still visible when staring into the windows of my soul.... more »

  • All To Yourself

    Leaning back floating across the sea holding onto your strong hand.

    You have me alone, all to yourself the sounds of birds chirping and the seas song as the waves splash all around.... more »

  • Angry Love Sex

    I walk in late upset about something. You can tell in the way that I slammed the front door shut.

    The way I looked at you like my soul was lost when you asked what was wrong sent chills throughout your entire body.... more »

  • Ascend-Set Your Mind Free

    Ascend with me to the top of the summit tell me what it is you wish to see.

    Look down upon the empty wasteland and imagine all that can be.... more »

  • Awaken My Heart

    Resting uncomfortably alone in a corner in need of the appropriate amount of attention lies a heart.

    A heart that sleeps almost peacefully even when it is enduring long, chilling nights with nothing to provide it warmth.... more »

  • Baby Be True

    Please allow me to endure, all of your sorrow.
    Open your arms up wide and let me in.
    All of my comforting warming to your ice cold heart.... more »

  • Back To The Romance

    Once upon a time we shared our first kiss, the kiss that spawned a thousand memories in the years that have passed.
    We lived by the vow of each others soul that we would love each other relentlessly without fail no matter what.... more »

  • Beautiful Brown

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  • Being Myself

    I have come a long way from where I was before.
    This transformation along the road has taken place over time as I walked.
    I continue to evolve as I press onward.
    I may not be the strongest but I will fight for you when the time comes.... more »

  • Betrayal

    How is it that you can sit there looking down at me when I crawl. You claimed you loved me but it was all just a hoax. I am crawling desperately to get away bleeding out and begging for your aide. You laugh harshly in my face when I roll over and reach up towards you.... more »

  • Birdless Cages

    Descending rapidly from the skies above are millions of wingless birdies.

    Those who have dared to fly against opposition and those rules that told them they could not be free.... more »

  • Blackened Heart

    Flowing freely from my eyes causing them to burn.
    Something which once was clear tears of joy now darkened red tears of blood.

    These red tears fall to the ground as the final moments we spent together on what should have been a celebration of the day we met turned into nothing but disaster.... more »

  • Body Music

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  • Breaking Point

    There are many ways to bend the truth. Whether it being for your own personal gain or for someone other than yourself to benefit from.... more »

  • Broken Glass

    Scattered about all over the place, what was once whole now broken apart.
    What did I do to deserve such a fate?
    I have seen everything through the time spent in this very spot, the good, bad and the damn ugly.
    You both were wrong with what you did but neither of you was mature enough to admit it.... more »

  • Broken Staircase

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  • Brothers In Arms-Blood And Tears

    About face, forward march I shout out to the highest of my abilities to my soldiers.

    Hanging on my every order they follow my instructions. Into the battlefield we go surrounded by the howls of gunfire and devastation.... more »

  • Candle Lit Night

    I set them up so beautifully surrounding us in the shape of a heart.
    I light them one by one, after they are lit the flames dance gracefully around us.
    On this candle lit night I guide you to the bed as I take you by your hands.
    I lay you back slowly and roll you over onto your back.... more »

  • Cast Aways

    Cast away aboard a small vessel equipped with only enough food to last about a month. We awaken to the scorching hot sun beating down upon our faces.

    I head out to look around to see if there was any land in sight...no such luck just open waters and debris everywhere.... more »

  • Cast Aways: Lost & Found

    A few hours pass and I awaken on the side of a small island.
    My vision still blurry from hitting my skull on a rock amongst the huge waves that tore us from each other.

    Desperate I manage to pull myself up.... more »