• Artifacts And Satellites

    Ancient minds found the heart of art;

    meticulous with the earths raw gifts.... more »

  • At Least Tommorrow

    At least tomorrow I can sleep,

    ignore the rapid fury of open eyes rasping my presence.... more »

  • Bohemians Never Snarl

    Acting on the impetuous tongue,

    much unseen currency wandered into grasp.... more »

  • Broken Backs

    I stood amid destruction;

    water trickled through corridors and pores emulating tears.... more »

  • Buddha Sits

    Buddha sits and quietly reflects.

    Buddha has been sprayed in artificial jade,... more »

  • Celebration

    Into the night the revellers dig
    Not for gems or liquid power, comfort in another mouth;... more »

  • Counting Stars

    ... more »

  • Death, Life And Wine


    my stained teeth,... more »

  • Early Morning

    Early morning changes my colour,
    Weakens my magnet for you to escape into sleep
    I asked the girl in the corridor if she was a
    Morning bird, she smiled then floated into the... more »

  • Factory Work

    I can't yet hear the grind of the factory
    I have just woken and my heart is racing
    My heart is a racing fuse
    Today I begin life as someone else... more »

  • Fortunes

    Every morning a woman comes and hand picks her rubbish -

    Gems discarded by the elite of the city.... more »

  • Hello Modern World

    Hello modern world
    Where two suns burn
    One a fire which determines my breath
    The other a thief which steals my guests from... more »

  • Hole In The Sky

    My earth warms,

    my arctic will turn green.... more »

  • I'M A Liar

    I’m a liar at least once a day,

    a liar who confesses in some small way.... more »

  • Impending Autumn

    Know one ever really knew him, they just assumed
    Oh how little a town can be
    Scouring with grudges,
    Tearing his arms... more »

  • Infancy

    I wish I could run back to be branches in the sky

    where gums offered teeth.... more »

  • Noises In The Night

    Noises in the night under dark cloud skies

    That keep missing the moon.... more »

  • Offerings


    I was just dreaming of you.... more »

  • Phone Booth

    A woman stands illuminated by a single light,

    shivers in a capsule as the cold night bites her ankles,... more »

  • Rain Dance

    Clouds are my moving treasure, free, abundant, looming

    as grey death or simply washing clean a slate of trials.... more »

  • Remnants

    Your face retains the remnants of yesterday
    Your clothes and dwelling all entered this passage through yesterday
    Yesterday is etched in your love... more »

  • Ripened Mystery

    My mystery is ripe
    Luscious, sweet, unforgettable taste
    Wailing walls
    Pyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island... more »

  • Scantily Clad Women

    Scanitly clad women roam the floors of nighclubs, hotels;
    Expose flesh on the beach, materialize the lust in men.... more »

  • Shanty Town

    Your shanty sits on a hill,

    above filth below will.... more »

  • Shells

    Shells on the sand from the live sea,

    shells of automobiles rusting.... more »