• Skin

    Cream laden valleys
    Antarctic canyons and elevations
    Whitest milk from the greenest fields;
    Impossible neutrality... more »

  • Soldiers

    So proud to confront the plague of bullets
    Enter the mouth of Hades
    Armed with eyes of fear, bayonet,
    Hatred of the stench filled ground, A heart beating in unison with machine guns... more »

  • Stowaways

    A bright afternoon,

    the day of sound,... more »

  • Tabloid

    Words forced into my brain
    From these arranged insights
    Spongy intake of gossip
    Tabloid... more »

  • The Blood Of Doubt

    For one full season I swayed with the leaves,

    I fell to the ground in autumn,... more »

  • The Child Inside Looks To The Sky

    Creating a horse with the floating clouds.
    Upward vision into the path of super-jets.... more »

  • The Peach Face In The Clouds From The West

    I saw your face,

    the peach face;... more »

  • The Pull Of The Tide

    My splendid cargo;
    Tossed about on mountains of foam
    But not to forever languish... more »

  • The Quarry

    The quarry
    A dangerous place
    Scab on the earth
    An operation of take... more »

  • To Become Mirrors

    Shape and concoct from clay a small bowl

    from which infant hands can wash and eat.... more »

  • Vision And Words

    A man I met
    who likes the odd drink
    Told me to believe only half of what I see and
    nothing of what I read... more »

  • Vow

    Again I enter where I have never been
    Through the passage and into the world I create
    What I create will again conceive a different tomorrow
    A want of the better, and more of the unknown... more »

  • Water

    Water seduced me in my early days

    offering me the eyes of a fish,... more »

  • Wave Hopper

    Bigot rover,

    map researcher,... more »

  • When Time Carves The Deepest Lines

    Feet pace the hallways length;

    anticipation of tomorrow’s first time job... more »

  • Yelling

    Resist the temptation to yell
    as this expression gets under my skin;
    I shudder and my soul is disturbed.... more »