Factory worker. Just completed Bachelor of arts degree majoring in English and History with a minor in Sociology.
Next year will study Graduate Diploma in Humanities. Married with two small children. Trade Union Delegate. Thinker. Know well the plight of low paid workers.


Anthony Dawson Poems

Early Morning

Early morning changes my colour,
Weakens my magnet for you to escape into sleep
I asked the girl in the corridor if she was a
Morning bird, she smiled then floated into the... more »


Resist the temptation to yell
as this expression gets under my skin;
I shudder and my soul is disturbed.... more »

The Peach Face In The Clouds From The West

I saw your face,

the peach face;... more »

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Comments about Anthony Dawson

Anton K 09 Nov 2015 10:32
Don't listen to Ashley Olson - you are a very fine poet.
Ashley Olson 29 Apr 2005 12:11
Your poem Early Morning was interesting. It took me a couple of times to read it to understand it. However your type of writing style is just not my type. In my eyes your poem was alright.