• 17

    The drive too fast
    The past the future
    The perfume the room
    The beer the cure... more »

  • An English Morning

    A Hint of light,
    dreams fleeing,
    porridge stirring,
    work unkeenley beckons.... more »

  • Calendar

    January, missionary waiting in the doorway,
    Oblique planes of superreal ice,
    Lethe drunk and withered fronds,
    February, hearts a quiver,... more »

  • Desert

    On and on I walked,
    Out of memory,
    Beyond time,
    Through my mind,... more »

  • Edge Of Time

    Patterned Mosaic,
    Saying of Sages,
    Leaves in Auditorium,
    Numbers and Noises,... more »

  • Garden Of Solace

    A flutterby went by,
    Its wings stretched to eternity,
    It settled on a buddhlia,
    And I listened not to a scream,... more »

  • Harmony

    Should I speak,
    Should I not,
    I wish my words to be as gentle as a breath,
    As tender as a touch,... more »

  • History

    First memory was a dream,
    Of houses,
    Then fear and tendrils,
    Of tension,... more »

  • Hourglass

    Born in the 70's,
    There was a time slip,
    Back to the future,
    I have lived for centuries.... more »

  • I Cannot Work Out What To Do
    he stopped,... more »

  • Mangrove Love

    Intertwined and divine,
    The roots grow,
    Supporting each other,
    Through each tide.... more »

  • Moonlight

    Arcing across the sky,
    A sliver exited orbit,
    A disc of certainty,
    And a starry surprise.... more »

  • Mountain Climbing

    I was lying on my bed,
    Watching a tiny spider,
    Spin and fall and climb,
    On a silken thread,... more »

  • Odyssey Of Ages (Part 2) Tragedy

    Happens so quick,
    Fate gives you the flick,
    Visa withdrawn,
    And angels mourn.... more »

  • Odyssey Of Ages (Part 3) Postern Of Fate

    The gentle voice,
    The mother's choice,
    The garden of healing,
    The better feeling.... more »

  • Odyssey Of Art(Part 1) 21

    The dance all night,
    To tribal beats,
    Danced so hard,
    I couldn't feel my feet.... more »

  • Patience

    One day I will forget her,
    In my head for many a long year,
    Just when I have a bright idea,
    Of how to get out of here.... more »

  • Pond Skater

    Dare I tread,
    On this Pond,
    For fear of being eaten,
    By a stickleback,... more »

  • Quieting The Self

    I have become waterfall,
    Flowing over edge,
    Man at work in darkened room,
    Cloud dispersing raindrops,... more »

  • True Love

    Long time ago,
    Sunshine youth,
    Met a girl,
    Love crept inside,... more »

  • Trust

    Holding hands in space,
    My last link to the human race,
    She whispers and warms,
    Yet excels at suspense,... more »

  • View From A Bedroom Window In England

    Christmas is condensing on the glass
    Jack Frost has been at work
    Cars speckled with crystal covering
    Birds, feathers puffed out,... more »

  • Wild Autmn Woods

    Leave the leaves,
    And come and look at this.
    A frond of a friend,
    Beware of the exploding gorse,... more »

  • Wild Night

    Wind which started as a whisper,
    Moves to maelstrom,
    Cats cacophany,
    And terrific torrents,... more »