• A Petal

    Where there once was a garden
    Now stands a rose
    Where there once was love
    Hate now grows... more »

  • A T And T Love Story

    There’s this girl you see
    And he needs her so much
    The way you can tell
    Is by the way they would touch... more »

  • Angel Of Night

    Angel of Night

    While you lay
    I will keep you in sight... more »

  • April Shower

    You’re in my heart you should know
    You grab my hand I won’t let go
    We say were weak but together were strong
    Not a moment together is selfish nor wrong... more »

  • Battle Of Faith

    On your knees in every night
    Pray to the Gods you’ll win this fight
    The moon soon sets the sun does arise
    Drums go off to help open your eyes... more »

  • Beginning Of The End

    Show me the beginning
    Now bring fourth the end
    Humanity is sinning
    God we’ve done it again... more »

  • Car Ride Of A Life Time

    The path is the same
    No matter which route you take
    No matter how sharp the turn
    There is no exit to life... more »

  • Confusion

    If there is a maybe
    An I dont know when
    If there is some how
    Some place that was then... more »

  • Darkness In Me

    It seemed to be you were all I’d see
    Every day you were like family
    All the times you would disappear
    Even then I felt you near... more »

  • Dream Of The Future

    My dreams my dreams.
    I never truly understand what they mean.
    All is the same but nothing is true.
    All I want is to be with you.... more »

  • Faith

    When we were young
    We never thought
    What we’d become
    We never think of the things... more »

  • Gods Honest Truth

    Nothing ever changes.
    All things stay the same
    Deep down inside we all remain.
    Holding it in, never telling whats true.... more »

  • Hawaii Goodbye

    When past is present
    And tomorrows today
    How do we know
    To live every day?... more »

  • I Wish

    I wish I wish upon a star
    And wonder where the hell you are
    I know your words are not true
    Now I know ill never trust you... more »

  • If Time Comes

    If and when
    The time has come
    If and when
    We know it’s done... more »

  • In Search Of

    We will search near
    Farther than far
    To the end of the earth
    And through all the stars... more »

  • Korean Princess

    There was a boy
    Yes and he loved a girl
    Just like the moment
    It all was a whirl... more »

  • Lauren

    Hold me close don’t let go
    Maybe then you will know
    I am weak you are strong
    You are right I am wrong... more »

  • Love In The Night

    Love in the Night

    I stood there
    On that big rock... more »

  • Mind Of A Madman

    Every time a face comes into mind
    Feelings change a new one to find
    You can not stop it's part of you
    You can not forget it's what you do... more »

  • Mirror Man

    I tried to run away
    But only wanted more
    I ran as fast as I could
    But something was missing... more »

  • My Dear

    Their smile’s more crooked
    Than the devils spine
    There’s a war inside you
    That you will soon find... more »

  • Now!

    Bring it on
    The feelings back
    What we love
    Is what we lack... more »

  • Questions

    Am I an angel?
    Am I a demon?
    Am I human?
    Or an abomination?... more »

  • Seven Deadly Sins

    My wrath ferocious.
    My envy desirable.
    My lust unfulfilled
    My greed endless... more »