• Spanish Smile

    It’s the smile that lights
    The soul in her eyes
    It’s the way you can tell
    She tells no lies... more »

  • The Block

    Step up look around
    Take a breath hit liquid ground
    Win the race hit the wall
    Emerge victorious stand up tall... more »

  • The Past

    Please just dropp it
    Just let it go
    Please just stop it
    I don’t want to know... more »

  • Unexpected

    You can find comfort
    In the heart of the beast
    You can find love
    Where you expect it the least... more »

  • Up Down

    Sitting in
    The new lights bliss
    Cold as hell
    With a colder fist... more »

  • Valentines Day Massacre

    I do not feel bad
    For what I did not do
    Like I just said
    The blames on you... more »

  • What Doesnt Kill You

    Pain is truly
    The devils laughter
    What doesn’t kill you
    Will comes faster... more »

  • Winters Night

    When the night is black
    And the cold wind howls
    A feeling of fear
    Strikes into your bowels... more »