• 1066

    The pale winter sun cast reflections from the wet winter grass,
    When we walked down the slope past the brown runny bog,
    Reflecting on the cries of men and knights running past,
    Some falling wounded and dying in their desperate upward slog,... more »

  • A Beautiful World

    Dedicated to Ahmad Shiddiqi

    Lines of energy pulse gently through the earth,
    Golden rays of dawn lightly brush the ground,... more »

  • A Promise Of Autumn

    A Promise of Autumn

    The trees are showing a rich new colour,
    Not the colour of death but seasons change,... more »

  • A Walk On Dartmoor

    We walked up a narrow lane with mossy walls, the hairy one and me,
    And when we ventured onto the moor, we were feeling free,
    Our footprints take us up the heather clad slope towards the granite Tor,
    And a sharp intake of breath the view the view stretching out over the moor.... more »

  • An Ode To Norfolk

    I look; and I wonder at those mysteries over land devoid of hill,
    A land that is reclaimed with its canals and ditches along the way,
    I watch wild deer in the growing wheat they are standing so still,
    And the mad March hare intent on its running bobbing boxing and play,... more »

  • An Ode To Our Dog

    You big and lumbering hairy mate,
    What is left that you haven’t chewed?
    After wolfing whatever is placed on your plate,
    And then you are grovelling for food.... more »

  • An Ode To Spring

    What is this gentle stirring of the landscape?
    The vivid green, of pastures newly awake,
    After the long cold winters deep sleep freeze,
    The gentle Daffodil in the sunlight, cast reflections on the lake,... more »

  • An Ode To The Ladies Of The Portland Cornish Gig Rowing Club

    To all you seafarers sailing this day,
    As forward you go on your weary way,
    Through green waters of the English Channel,
    Past Lulworth cove and into Weymouth bay.... more »

  • Anger

    The beat in my chest catches in my throat,
    The unfairness assaults me, my mind‘s in a moat,
    I want to smash something, to show how you are so wrong,
    The moment is destroyed I want to go I don’t belong,... more »

  • Another Day For Going To Sea

    Against spray and tempest we put our faces,
    As did the explorers of human races,
    Deep in the silence of the night,
    Another day dawns it is first light.... more »

  • Ellen

    ... more »

  • Eviction

    Crumpled clothes in boxes to be moved before the Bailiffs arrives,
    Like the crumpled clothes it is in their crumpled lives,
    After living in their home for oh so many years,
    They are out on the street like so much human garbage,... more »

  • Happy Is Playing With Childrens Toys

    Happy is playing with children toys,
    Feeling the wind on your face can chase away the blues,
    See the crystals of frost glistening on the trees,
    And catch a snowflake on your tongue.... more »

  • Here Is My Poem Where Is The Webpage

    Now that I am finally here,
    I have forgetten the poem that ratlled around my head,
    But with a bit of sleep and dream,
    Maybe I can remember what was in my head,... more »

  • How I Feel

    Life is about joy and passion,
    Not about misery and gloom,
    We lose many friends along the way,
    So let’s celebrate the people we have known.... more »

  • I Have Traveled In A Circle.

    I have travelled in a circle through France Portugal and Spain,
    Perhaps one day in the future I will travel this route again,
    A reason for memories no time for great regrets,
    Tonight I find myself back home again happy it gets no better than this.... more »

  • I Own This Space And Don’t You Forget It.

    I Own This Space And Here I stand occupying this space,
    My feet are placed my weight is firmly spread,
    This space is mine it is in my face,
    I am here I occupy not leave, shred nor shared,... more »

  • I Want To Go And Run And Bound.

    I want to go and run and bound,
    Through the heather like a stag,
    To wit this day of rutting,
    Freedoms air towards me will be bound.... more »

  • Islands In The Sky

    It was misty and white that Christmas morning,
    As we started our climb through the forest,
    The dripping green moss scented pines pervading,
    Our deepest senses as we walked.... more »

  • Jealousy

    ... more »

  • Jim


    Flowers cascade down the side of your house,
    Reds, Whites and Blues shimmer in the early summer sunshine,... more »

  • Ode To A Burial Chamber In Wales

    Those slabs that men once placed to line the tomb,
    A friend, a leader, a king, or perhaps just someone who I wished I had known,
    When deserved in eternity so much room,
    Looking at the skeleton of a burial long ago,... more »

  • Oh Ellen To Play Fun Sticks With You.

    What a love and joy to see you,
    Your blond hair shines in the sun,
    Your smile doth capture my heart strings,
    We are going to have such fun... more »

  • Oh Ruby

    Oh Ruby Ruby Ruby, your smile that we still see,
    Which lights your face like a beacon with the passion of the free?
    We know that as you get older when life is not so new,
    Will we explore the richness of life’s experience with you, When joy and happiness are balanced, with life the pain and the tears,... more »

  • On A Winters Day In The New Forest

    The stillness of the trees,
    Bare and gaunt in the winter cold,
    The air is still, the forest is quiet,
    Waiting for the warmth of spring sunshine.... more »