• A Soliders Life

    Love and hated
    live and died
    faught hard never forgotten
    always in our hearts... more »

  • Could Have Should Have

    As i lay here in the darkness
    My heart start to race beatting fast and fast
    I see what we could hae should have been
    I see us as the happy couple... more »

  • Dark And Grey

    My world without you is
    dark and grey
    My life without you is
    coming to a slow end... more »

  • Death

    People say life is coming to an end
    i feel it coming it's cold
    i feel as if im falling
    down a deep deep dark hole... more »

  • Dream Agian

    His hands hot and sweaty.
    His heart beating faster and faster.
    His mouth is dry like the desert send
    that he faught on.... more »

  • Hand And Hand

    As we walk hand and hand
    down this path we call life
    WE walk hand and hand
    We came apon a fork on this... more »

  • My Love

    The words you whisper to me are so soft and dear
    the sound of your voice is like sweet thoughts in my ear
    your scent melts my body like lce on a hot summers day
    your touch sends a chill down my body... more »

  • Now And Forever

    Now and forever till the end of time and behond.
    You cant count all the stars in the night sky ust like you can never know the love i have for you
    With every second of the day my heart grows larger to be filled with your love
    A love I will never feel from another... more »

  • See Ya Later

    Her soul may be in heaven
    but her spirit is here with all of us
    along with all of her memorys.
    Its time to let her go home... more »

  • The Image I Get

    She stands there
    tall and dazzling
    her body curves
    like a small hour glass... more »

  • The Truth

    Death will come to
    every one at least
    one time
    When it comes... more »

  • This Key

    this key i wear
    around my neck
    reminds my of
    you. But it's... more »

  • Thy Love For You

    Thy love for you is stronger
    then a rushing river
    then an army of a million men
    Thy love for you... more »