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Something Desperate

i pluck an apple
from a giving tree

and toss it up... more »


These wheels keep turning,
half a tank of gas now,
running from captivity
and into free,... more »


Success is never
only practiced,
time plays the part mostly.... more »

Anthony Liccione Quotes

Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.
(b.1968-present) U.S. author, poet. 'Wolf Down' (2011)
The paint is drying, and time is dying. The pain is crying, lying on my back, trying to get back the time, to brushstrokes too fast, wet went dry and love went dull; now I live in a portrait I never painted.
(b.1968-present) U.S. author, poet. 'Wolf Down' (2011)
I could say the world is ending tomorrow, and no one would care. I could say the world will go forever, and no one would care. I could write words, words, words of hope, of love, of humanity, of peace, of pain and the world will still spin to unchanged tomorrows. The human heart balled up as a fist, just grows old clenching to life, to pride and ego, it won't let go. But the words slip through, as the last pump of blood to a lost web of veins.
Anthony Liccione (b.1968)

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