• All You Can Eat Buffet

    half n half, whole
    wheat bread whale
    of a time, split
    in two buttermilk... more »

  • Anonymous Apology

    It takes a drunk
    to know another drunks
    burden, that bridges
    the drinking, crosses... more »

  • Awakening In Japan

    I think
    back to
    the little... more »

  • Belly

    Blood in my
    is like raisin
    in bread,... more »

  • Boy To Man

    i was born
    i cried at birth
    i wished mother’s
    breast warm,... more »

  • Distant Fire

    You tried to tell,
    with words-
    didn't listen, just
    kept throwing... more »

  • Dolls In The Air

    Two dolls were snatched
    in anger from my hands
    and thrown with a cast,
    arm threads ripped, shoes... more »

  • Faces

    Rare and raw
    looking to find fault -
    world pressed of pressure
    faces of every size, sex... more »

  • For Now

    i feel safe
    in this shipwreck
    heart, floating
    on the ocean... more »

  • Forever

    takes lifetime
    to get there,
    sacrificing unstable
    illusions for concrete illnesses,... more »

  • Ghost Town

    going to a
    that has been
    burned down-... more »

  • Heaven

    There is heaven somewhere,
    and I hear it takes eternity
    to find it, but sometimes... more »

  • Immaculate

    ... more »

  • Moving

    These wheels keep turning,
    half a tank of gas now,
    running from captivity
    and into free,... more »

  • Muteness

    I never mentioned
    I'm sorry,
    as the Sony,
    television falls... more »

  • No Time, For Time

    The clock is simply
    a matter of time,
    and this drink seems
    to go down comfortably... more »

  • On The Run

    I heard of a man,
    who couldn't stand
    to see Time on the run,
    being a two-timer... more »

  • On Turning Two

    Second birthday
    $4.89 for a number 2 candle
    three blows out
    a whitewash for future Augusts... more »

  • Perishing

    All the sparks in the
    night sky below,
    just above the city
    as an electrical storm... more »

  • Something Desperate

    i pluck an apple
    from a giving tree

    and toss it up... more »

  • Spoon & Fork

    While yet married to a dish
    the spoon ran off with the fork
    to elope into a knife
    cut-throat marriage-... more »

  • Success

    Success is never
    only practiced,
    time plays the part mostly.... more »

  • Temporal

    Her eyes would
    read to the mood
    of our love,
    so precise, yet... more »

  • The Dead

    When the dead come
    they will come marching
    in a black parade,
    they will come riding... more »

  • The Skin Of Teeth

    As salt water sea, tears
    of hate, tears of joy,
    a pool full of chlorine
    or pee, the sea... more »