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... And We Shall All Live Full Lives

It is only the longest nights that find me dancing with the darkness - mockingly darting through what were once steadfast gates and lady-guard posts, now made incorporeal by ignorance, in deft leaps - and fantasizing that with each blind twist I make intangible the borders that lie between the Eye and the Out. In here, rapt in unseen ceremony, I am thought.

Tonight I want to talk to everyone I've ever met one at a time until I've heard all the words I always wanted to say and confessed the things I've learned since each one of them and I shared some small time together only to move on incomplete. I want to feel them - all those things from all those times - tactile, lucid and endearing; not as mere, vague memories of an alien soul and lost identity, but to savor and animate the very essence of each disjointed thread, spinning them into a beautifully woven tapesty of emotion, experience and enlightenment. One monolith, which resonates with the overwhelming euphoria and ubiquitous divinity of a universal conciousness, whose voice is an infinitely-layered collage of nothing but the gold and silver truths of pure and raw humanity; whose will is of such immeasurable magnitude that it drives each heart it transcends to chant in homogenous syncopation - a pulse which wails and mourns in penance for a hundred fears revered, a thousand dreams plundered, and a million moments lost.... more »

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