Grew up in a mining community before leaving home at 17 and discovering that I was entitled to know the arts! Spent time working in London and Liverpool absorbing as I went along. Early 20s entered the criminal justice field: mad, bad, sad, evil and tormented are not just the preserve of an artist.
Utterly eclectic in my tastes in all things: -failed painter and backroom writer, so I make no claim on poetry!
Love travel, philosophising and all things Italian. Married with one child.


Anthony Marriner Poems

Cloud Cover (Reworked)

I don’t see myself in this.
Waiting for the cloud to part,
for my illumination to begin.
When I’m warm I grasp it, mania ensues.... more »

Intimacy Lost

The space creeps up, at first unseen,
Where once the clasp of youth had grown.
Can love persist such distance obscene-
Or shall life proceed in monotone?... more »

Staring @ The Sun - - Un Hommage A Bukowski.

'It does START in the head
but it's in the gut where it gets you
A bourbon tang
DESIRE doesn't do it justice... more »

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