• American Sky (Reworked)

    Warm and dry Californian sky-
    That first Spanish taste in Angeles’ glare
    No zephyr to purge Downtown’s shadow.
    Freed from the Valley’s crucible... more »

  • Cloud Cover (Reworked)

    I don’t see myself in this.
    Waiting for the cloud to part,
    for my illumination to begin.
    When I’m warm I grasp it, mania ensues.... more »

  • Intimacy Lost

    The space creeps up, at first unseen,
    Where once the clasp of youth had grown.
    Can love persist such distance obscene-
    Or shall life proceed in monotone?... more »

  • Myth Maker (Reworked)

    Framed in celluloid
    for the crime too;
    the offence
    of selling an ideal,... more »

  • Staring @ The Sun - - Un Hommage A Bukowski.

    'It does START in the head
    but it's in the gut where it gets you
    A bourbon tang
    DESIRE doesn't do it justice... more »