• 8 Weeks

    8 weeks to live
    8 weeks to die
    8 weeks is all they had
    8 weeks to do the things they never did... more »

  • Almost There

    The steps weren't high enough
    the ladder only went to rung eleven
    getting to the sky is tough
    his ashes scattered on the way to heaven... more »

  • Dance

    I put my hair into a bun.
    To keep it nice and neat.
    Lights on my face resemble the sun.
    I say prayers for my feet.... more »

  • Don'T Come Home

    Walk away when you know you should
    come back when you know you can't
    dream when you're not sleeping
    and cry when you're not weeping... more »

  • Mother Sky Cries

    Mother sky cries when the leaves turn from green to gold
    Mother sky cries when the leaves die and the weather turns cold
    Mother sky cries when the earth turns warm and the body sweats
    Mother sky cries and leaves the heart scorned and the skin wet... more »

  • Never Heard.

    She never speaks.
    They never hear.
    Always smiling.
    Showing no fear.... more »

  • Those Eyes.

    Those eyes that make my blood pump.
    Those eyes that make my heart thump.
    Those eyes that build me up then break me down.
    Those eyes I cannot look away from, whenever you’re around.... more »

  • What If...

    What if you couldn't see?
    Or feel?... more »