• A Beer On Your Front Porch

    You were back in town on
    my mother's birthday. Half
    drunk, I walked to your
    house, stumbling down the street.... more »

  • Sonnet 1

    Every woman should know
    the phases of the moon, ache
    in the thick infancy of rain—
    every morning stretch and shake... more »

  • Sonnet 10

    Moonlight through an open window
    doesn’t rest on you—it pours itself
    on you, hair dragging over your face... more »

  • Sonnet 2

    Down along the shore waves reach
    and touch the black volcanic rocks, splashing,
    let into places a body isn’t. Hung low,
    stars waltz the entire zodiac in weightless... more »

  • Sonnet 3

    Stars are exploding in my chest—
    a miracle, a mystery with no
    hands. My body is a grave—all cool
    fruits and stray bones, the geometry of... more »

  • Sonnet 4

    The television is on, sound just
    above a whisper—an incandescent
    flickering glow, a campfire manufactured
    in Japan. Outside, a handful of stars... more »

  • Sonnet 5

    The other night I had this dream
    where you were crying diamonds—
    perfectly shaped as though someone
    just thought them up. You held them... more »

  • Sonnet 6

    Out of smoke, out of clouds, I pulled down
    these words for you—rearranged dried coral
    to spell your name, bartered fire from the sun,
    pulled the accents from overheard voices and laid... more »

  • Sonnet 7

    Late one afternoon we were lying on
    the grass, you and I in the park, reveling in the
    thinly veined wonder that is your skin—
    water-proof, a parallel universe of creams... more »

  • Sonnet 8

    Yesterday in the produce aisle I stopped,
    could smell you all around me. Watermelon

    and plum scents met, hands clasping, palms... more »

  • Sonnet 9

    Beautiful: the night—the way streetlights all over
    town blossom like electric flowers and hum their
    pulse. Boards in the ceiling above us creak like... more »

  • Take-Off

    With a precise hand, palm
    facing the earth, I'd stretch
    my arm out the car window,
    convinced that at the right speed... more »