• Chinese Whispers


    To have outraged the wrath in you from ink,... more »

  • Crossing Heavens' Clouds

    Assigned privilege goes autonomously to the canto master,
    Nexus - on whose surround the Centro-some during mitosis
    Directs, redeemer of the plenitude, pious prone the opus is-
    Rhetoric, as the orderly passing of the sun creates as pastor,... more »

  • Euclidian's Plane Isometries

    Didactic - Deducing Death Mathematically

    And what this invariably unknown mass
    Which unrequited death hast pieced alone,... more »

  • Life's Ritual - The Seasons

    Musal Response

    Spring - Arche, [origin]... more »

  • The Illustrative Master Of The Sea - Neptune

    To beguile one's stature over sovereignty of the seas,
    Where the forlorn dispirited harmonies took gather;
    Torrents merge as the movements for their reprise,
    Leads symphony sound words, the soothing of lather!... more »

  • The Labyrinth

    With Epiphany of awareness standing where fade
    is such, that the caterwaul existence of excoriates,
    Sussuruss stood in the slightest light, down a glade,
    Which along its length, stood-like eldritch waits!... more »

  • The Old Curiosity Shop - Pushkin Sonnets

    The belt around fixation mugs the crowd
    From peering in like vines with tug of eye;
    Bet fig for fiver that they'll not show proud,
    Enough to spend more curious than why,... more »

  • Woven By Sin

    Fondled Retribution
    Let vengeful be the tune of masquerades
    as worshipped over; thence try to deny... more »