Now 65, having lived my life entirely dissident, vasectomised, refusing to be employed, married, and to have anything to do with 'normality', I divide my State-Pensioned time between beautiful, remote, rural Northern Ireland and a beautiful mediæval village in the Aveyron Gorges of south-west France. I also write poems in French: http: //

The most common comment about my poems on PoemHunter is 'PROVOCATIVE' - which in Literary New-speak means 'shocking' or 'outrageous'. This is very satisfying.


Anthony Weir Poems

Suicide For Non-Beginners

For I will die anyway
Better to die sooner in chosen
conditions rather than later
most probably in pain... more »

Portrait Of St.Agatha With Credit-Card, Upon Which Rests One Of Her Amputated, Blue-Veined Breasts

Passing between The Slaves of Glory
Tabernacle and the vast, last fast-food
outlet, still considering
the irredeemability of Man,... more »


After Hiroshima
all beauty is unbearable.
Light is the condensation
of darkness.... more »

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Auban Saint-antonin 01 Oct 2012 06:13
Some of these poems are mind-altering - and there are over 150 you can download free from this website!