• A Conversation With A Star

    A pleasant goodnight shining star
    Well hello there how do you do
    I have seen a lot, traveled far
    It’s an honor to see you... more »

  • A Romantic Moment

    I touched her face
    While gazing in her eyes
    Then we both embraced
    Forgetting all the lies... more »

  • Christmas With My Little Sis

    I will do all the painting
    While parang music play
    She will do some cleaning
    For soon is Christmas day... more »

  • For The World

    Why do we violate our women?
    Beat and abuse our children
    The killing, kidnapping and raping our girls
    Life is turning into war of the worlds... more »

  • Granny Them Words

    Make hay while the sun shines
    Don’t be idle don’t waste time
    Think before you talk
    You must creep before you walk... more »

  • Life Crimes

    I lay on my lawn
    And gazed at the stars
    With my heart severely torn
    And my emotion in scars... more »

  • My Dream Girl

    Her hair as dark as coal
    Her eyes see deep in your soul
    Her voice so soft and tender
    Will put a grown man in a slumber... more »

  • Sadness

    Its 8: 00 in the morning
    Why does my heart feel so cold?
    The rain won’t stop falling
    Where did my sunshine go?... more »

  • Silika Serrette

    I think of her forever
    She is on my mind everyday
    What I want to tell her
    No word can help me say... more »