I have always loved poetry. Loved reading, studying, listening to poetry, dabbled in poetry and very seldom let anyone read my poetry, destroying it before I could even remember it. This is the second time I am going public. The first was/is on my blog. I do not regard myself as a poet, very self conscious about it like I was when I tried to cut my own hair and felt as though everyone could see how awful it looked. So I am conscious of the fact that I am absolutely unable to rate or vote or adequately comment on the amazing poetry on this site.


Antoinette Padua Poems

With You Always

Excited minds and frenzied thought
Hurried up the mount-
Again still unbelieving caught
A glimpse of life divine,... more »

A Poet Me?

Who would have thought
I put my toe in the water
And now am bought
By poets comments true or not... more »

A Poet's Pencil

If only I can
Find the right pencil
Then I'll be able
to write the right poem.... more »

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Pamela Sinicrope 09 May 2016 03:49
Antoinette's poetry captured my attention immediately. I was drawn to her dramatic imagery linking the spiritual to the psychological. I hope Antoinette will continue to share her writing. Her style is unique and distinctive.