• A Poet Me?

    Who would have thought
    I put my toe in the water
    And now am bought
    By poets comments true or not... more »

  • A Poet's Pencil

    If only I can
    Find the right pencil
    Then I'll be able
    to write the right poem.... more »

  • Choose Not To Die

    My God restrain me, rooftops rise,
    Depths calling from the skies,
    Marrow from some splintered bones
    Embalms, the silence cries... more »

  • Healing God

    Healing God Creator of all good
    You yourself saw that all you made was good, whole, beautiful and healthy.
    You said with words of wonder, 'look all that I have made is good! '
    Because of your goodness, just because of that for no other reason... more »

  • Passion

    Slouching against a pillar,
    Gazing with a throng
    Of people praising murder
    Laughing kids along.... more »

  • With You Always

    Excited minds and frenzied thought
    Hurried up the mount-
    Again still unbelieving caught
    A glimpse of life divine,... more »