• Cashew Leaves

    The sun shines in gold
    The leaves of cashew trees
    Put on the golden hues
    The crickets sing an unknown melody... more »

  • Destiny

    In a half bloomed flower,
    The rain drops adhere,
    Hoping to slip inside-
    In the light of coming day.... more »

  • The Archeologist

    Meanings dissipate,
    Words remain,
    Like skeletons…
    Poem a fossil skeleton,... more »

  • The Myth

    'The eagle controls the destiny of all living things-the eagle's gift is the chance to escape and be free.'
    - Carlos Castaneda.... more »

  • The Orphan

    The intimacy of your tears
    With the loneliness of my days
    Cannot comprehend why
    I am alone in a city of crowds.... more »

  • The Sky Rains Down

    The nomad curses sunlight,
    He takes shelter under a cloud,
    And gazes at the sky,
    Waiting the stars to shine.... more »

  • Woman

    My long sari,
    An overlapping image with my body,
    Floats in front of your eyes,
    In a luring sensation above and below nakedness,... more »