• A Letter To Death

    Dear Death.
    Do you remember the last time we met at the beach?
    When you played beach ball with your scythe.
    When we sat together enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.... more »

  • Ballad Of A Stone-Broke Man

    In the darkest lairs comes raging tears
    when summer shines and winter snows.
    The tales of blood and the splash of guts
    to tell of our homely woes.... more »

  • Broken Building Broken

    The signpost on the right side of my heart reads:
    "Do not sing songs that will sink into the silence that dwell in my soul."
    It is written in bright Bodoni with white ink
    solely scripted for sailors attempting to visit.... more »

  • Love In A Burning Garden

    From the tale of I and my lover, I keep asking, wanting to discover of what manner is the love that stuns men and of what fashion is this emotion that daze them
    for what love is I know not but only of its flaws and its rot
    but men do I hear speak of the good or should I say, its seeming livelihood.
    That love for them I hear to be a diamond; dazzling and fulgurous like an almond... more »

  • The Anthem And The Pledge

    How shall I then sing this anthem
    and cross my right hand to the left to render this pledge?
    Cause every time I tell lies, I feel a twitch in my heart
    and a voice, telling me stop that.... more »

  • To The Sea With You

    I hope to someday go to the sea with you.
    To see the skies, gaze at the waters
    and watch the calm of the blue.... more »

  • Voices In The Shadows

    Who will save us?
    Who will save us from the bullets of poverty?
    Who will stop this bleeding?
    This blood that drips from our dry lips.... more »