an idealist, social activist, whose childhood was marred by societal chaos and disorderliness, especially in the streets of onitsha, witnessing the brutal and fetish bakassi boys who severed armed robbers's heads alongside other body parts before setting them ablaze in a proud showiness, lost his mother while 13 and had to grow up under his kind step mother together with his younger brother studied theatre arts in the university of Port Harcourt Nigeria, first son of a polygamous family of three, draws, paints and have written two yet to be published THE BUTTERFLY and ONCE UPON A LIFE, books among others short stories and plays, Edoka is a writer who reflects the strength of his African heritage and struggle for an equal, equitable and better Nigeria through his works.


Anugo J. Edoka Poems

The Autobiography Of A Great Nation

I am that I am
A face that bears thousand tongue
Proud mother hen, shielding millions of tribes
Grand architect of billions of towering strides... more »

Time Traveler

I must be a time traveler lost in the present
I feel out of place in this generation
The music will kill Mozart the second time
The tempo is too fast... more »

My Life Is A Cold War

I have carried this lump of expectations
From inclination and birth
In accordance of lineage
Since bats knew not where they belong... more »

Anugo J. Edoka Quotes

knowledge is a puzzle one must solve with his subconscious, the more he gets, the more he is reserved
the reserved are often smart
the world before us is a closed place which one can approach with an open mind, with open minds, there are countless opportunities
there is no yard stick to measure what a human can do as a male or cant do as a female, we are all driven by this insatiable desire to satisfy immediate passion, its safe to say that we are dubiously unpredictable as human beings.

Comments about Anugo J. Edoka

anulika 10 Oct 07:17
wow this wonderful to know, i love am African more because it kinda defines my existence
Linda 20 Sep 06:35
Mind blowing poems. Keep it up
Chinedu 20 Sep 06:31
It’s strange when someone ask, Who is your true friend without mask! If you will ask me, This is all I will say with a glee! D one with whom ve survived all ur mysteries! D one with whom u share everything, D one whom u abuse d fullest, D one who understands you, D one who trusts you. True friends are really hard to come by, when you have them keep them close to your heart.