• And The Promise Made...

    Waiting for the evening
    To roam outside and breathe in fresh air
    Eve teasers are sitting beside the road,
    But who does care?... more »

  • Before You Die...Live

    Counting colors in the rainbow
    Which occurs after every grey go
    All the colors shining above me
    Showers blessings of someone dear to me.... more »

  • Knowledge Cloud

    English is literature
    Biology is creature.
    If you find chemistry is a bore,
    Drink some drops of H2SO4.... more »

  • Silence Is Least Silent

    What is silence?
    It is just a key to avoid violence
    It indicates that our nature is benevolent
    And reveals our personality to be sturdy and tolerant.... more »

  • What A Beautiful Charm!

    Smile is the curve they say
    Which makes us look happy and gay
    It enlightens our personality throughout the day
    To have it on face... more »