• A Page From My Diary

    Eco of an ego fades into the night.
    I can feel disappearance of an eerie mournful sound.
    I can feel the flight of birds past me.
    Firefly glows in death of night.... more »

  • Achievement

    Nowhere I stand, no where I go,
    Far I see but no way shows up,
    I turn around to retreat,
    I look at the trail,... more »

  • All Over Again….

    It was over once again,
    Tomorrow came and passed away,
    Yesterday disappeared in mist of time.
    As sea in mist of foggy nights.... more »

  • Am I A Looser?

    I am a looser,
    I fear what I am,
    I fear what I can,
    I fear this world of mine,... more »

  • An Apology

    I have finally reached the point.
    Where I have come to realize,
    How wrong I was,
    How wrong was my past.... more »

  • At Last The Light House Break.

    Sun was never so hot, as it appears today.
    Waves were never so high, as they appear today.
    My hear was never so lifeless, as it feels today.
    The voyage that I was on, was not so painful,... more »

  • Basketball

    Bang in hand,
    Passed to Chang,
    Round and round,
    Up and down,... more »

  • Confession Of A Friend

    Somewhere from within the air,
    Somewhere from above the clouds,
    From somewhere…
    Over the woods, brown and bare,... more »

  • Death Of Star Lavinor

    The star that was proud of itself.
    The star that shone brighter than life.
    The star that once loved to live his life.
    One who believed in eternal time.... more »

  • Favorite Star Of Mine.

    Far above in that sky,
    Is a small star of mine,
    Star where life exists,
    That star shines brighter then light.... more »

  • Friend For Life.

    With you it is all about,
    Something voiceless from within,
    Something unspoken to say,
    With a thought that you care.... more »

  • God

    Those mountains are still there,
    Which existed centuries ago.
    What made them stand there?
    Where they stood ages ago?... more »

  • Grace A Diue

    Once god asked “How are you and were you are? ”
    I answered “In the beautiful world with gifts of yours.”
    God asked, “What gifts are they? ”
    I answered... more »

  • Homesick

    Oh God it is back again.
    I fear most,
    Today again I am in clutches of the memories,
    I could never forget.... more »

  • Land Of Golden Sunshine.

    Behind the mountains,
    Is a wonderful world of thy,
    Full of light, life
    And golden sunshine.... more »

  • My First Way Away From You.

    I have finally decided at last,
    I will never worry again,
    I will never think of you,
    We may never end as friends,... more »

  • Reaching

    I reached out for you,
    You didn’t seem to care,
    You have reached so far,
    Where no one else is there.... more »

  • Rocking On My Rocking Chair

    I rock on my rocking chair.
    With rolling heart.
    Broken hopes and broken parts.... more »

  • Ship Of Death.

    -Brief history of Nautilus.

    So far so nice,
    Bu it was soon death to rise,... more »

  • Something From Within.

    There are times when words aren’t enough,
    Feelings can’t always be put in words.
    Because they can’t express what we feel,
    As they are inadequate.... more »

  • Star Lavinor

    Far from the reach of humanity,
    Dark and deep in the misty universe,
    Through the journey of cosmic dust,
    Across the reach of Newtonian forces,... more »

  • Time

    Once upon a sunny day,
    When I was a kid at play,
    I felt times gentle, loving touch.
    But did not think of it too much.... more »

  • Words

    My heart may speak,
    A thousand words,
    But I can explain a few.... more »