• Catatonica

    As our duet of love, a performance shown, is put upon display for vulgar eyes on the floor; the lights change with painted overlooks splashing their palette of watercolours over our moving bodies.... more »

  • City

    We all hear the sound of a moan in our ears, we all obscenely share that experience, like a crude dream pimped to lows and faceless bastards to fire buggery upon.... more »

  • Gunslinger Loveslinger

    Her hair is like a noise, switching, glitching and waving through the atmosphere and my own self with the corrupted undeserving cells that inhabit my body.

    Her eyes are the colour of infinity(!) , seeing into a space of time, life, delusion and eternalness through the corals of the sea of love and through my own two spectacle eyes.... more »

  • Opioidlove

    Two halves lay in the dark, hoping to see light in each others eyes
    They want to be whole, heart next to heart

    She seems to glow in the darkened world around them... more »

  • P For You L

    I write for loves sake and not for that of eternal peace
    I write for our sake and not for that of internal peace... more »

  • Red

    Beautifully pretty to me your are
    Mind and body, substance and aesthetic, books and flowers, you and you

    Eyes play silhouettes of un-routined consciousness... more »

  • Untitled I

    For if Shakespeare had never wrote it, would it exist? Praying that it was never available, never open to such simple minds to give to those who feel.

    When you ride through the east, the battered trees hit the deck and scrape at the windows - orange illuminates the cabin. For twenty at least, twenty minds and spines watching a world flash by do not notice, do not do justice.... more »

  • You Are My Favourite Chord

    Stationary states feel sour and sad, I miss your movement. I miss you moving me. I miss my moving emotions, I miss our moving emotions.... more »