• Depressing

    Oh! in my world
    It’s full of confusion
    And feelings of being lost.
    Things come for reasons... more »

  • Goodbye

    To a person that I have known and have talked to in the past few months.

    It's summer rain outside... more »

  • Oy!

    I was inspired from a melody which I heard by accident somewhere downtown in Coral Beach, Thailand. Then I wrote down some text based on the melody. It sounds weird but it is fun though.

    Oy! Hopeless bird! Fly! Fly!... more »

  • Re: Information About Doctor

    An email that I replied to a person I have known.

    I do have many obsessions
    I do have sleeping disorders... more »

  • The 25th Crossroad

    Some thoughts on my 25th birthday. I also want to say thanks with all my love to the people in the text below (you know who you are from the text) . I was thinking about you in every word written here.... more »